BigV brain outage

Expected resolution: 16 May 2016, 12:38 UTC
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Issue status: Resolved Date:

16 May 2016
14:02 UTC

Posted by:

Bytemark Engineer

This was resolved about an hour ago.

We're in the middle of a large behind-the-scenes software rollout, which should be invisible to customers, but twice now we've experienced problems trying to empty out our larger tails to upgrade their software.

While I work out exactly what's going on there, migrations will proceed at smaller scale to prevent a recurrence.

Issue status: Investigating Date:

16 May 2016
12:11 UTC

Posted by:

Chris Cottam

The BigV brain is currently unavailable. It's currently not possible to make changes to any BigV vms.

We will update this with more details as they become available.

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