Core router replacement, York

Expected resolution: 21 Oct 2016, 02:00 UTC
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21 Oct 2016
04:38 UTC

Posted by:

Tom Hill

The impacting work is now all complete. We're well beyond our original predicted time of finish, but it was deemed worthwhile to ensure that all of the cabling was in good order for the future.

Any customers whom were specifically notified of a disruption to service will now have been emailed to say that this work was completed.

There was very little drama in moving over to this core router, so we're quite pleased (and grateful that the next router migration - in a few weeks - should also be simple.)


Issue status: Investigating Date:

20 Oct 2016
21:17 UTC

Posted by:

Nat Lasseter

We are starting the replacement of this core router now.

As previously stated, customers should not expect any outages caused by this work, but if you do see any issues please contact support in the usual way.

Email, or if you have an urgent issue.

Thanks Næþ'n

Issue status: Investigating Date:

19 Oct 2016
20:17 UTC

Posted by:

Tom Hill

We'll be performing the first of two Core Network router replacements in York, beginning on this Thursday evening (20th October) at around 22:00 BST/UTC+1.

During this window, cr2.yrk will be replaced with cr4.yrk. We will be phasing this device-in slowly, and as a result, there should be very little danger to site resiliency or latency to other networks, and the vast majority of customers should not expect any outage.

There are a small number customers with special, single-homed services that are connected to this router whom will have already been notified to on when we intend to switch over those services.

If you have any queries regarding this work, please feel free to get in touch via the usual support means.

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