Intermittent problems with creating Bytemark Cloud servers

Expected resolution: 22 Mar 2018, 17:00 UTC
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Issue status: Resolved Date:

22 Mar 2018
15:50 UTC

Posted by:

Ian Chilton

This should be resolved now.

There was a problem with the BGP signalling on one of our Bytemark Cloud "brains" which was resulting in some of the ip addresses being assigned to new servers being null routed.

Issue status: Investigating Date:

22 Mar 2018
15:32 UTC

Posted by:

Ian Eiloart

We've been alerted to problems creating Bytemark Cloud servers.

You might be affected if you're trying to create a Bytemark Cloud server. It's an intermittent problem though, and we're seeing it on about one in three attempts. You can tell that you're affected by clicking the "VNC" button. If you see a login prompt, you're OK. If you see the text "No bootable device", then you're affected. If you see scrolling text... wait and see what happens next!

If you see "No bootable device", then your server isn't going to finish installing. The best thing is to delete the server, then try to create it again. Click on "shutdown". Check the "force stop this VM" button, and shut the machine down. Then delete it. Then purge it. Now you can create a new machine with the same name, and the same settings. Hopefully the same problem won't recur this time, but it could, so watch it carefully through the VNC button.

Sorry about this! We're investigating and working to restore full service as soon as possible. We'll post updates here.

If you're experiencing any problems with your services at Bytemark that you think might be related, please do get in touch.

Expected resolution time updated: 22 Mar 2018, 17:00 UTC

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