[AT RISK] Bytemark Cloud 'brain' migrations

Expected resolution: 20 Apr 2018, 16:08 UTC
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24 Apr 2018
14:42 UTC

Posted by:

Ian Chilton

The brains have been happily running in York for a week now.

We've just completed the work so traffic is flowing straight to York instead of via Manchester.

We still need to migrate over to a new endpoint for the heads & tails to connect to, but that shouldn't be visible to customers so i'm going to resolve this now.

Issue status: In Progress Date:

17 Apr 2018
16:18 UTC

Posted by:

Ian Chilton

We're in the process of migrating our 'brains' for Bytemark Cloud from hosts in our Manchester DC to new hosts in our York DC.

The brains are the hosts which provide the Bytemark Cloud API (used by panel.bytemark.co.uk and the Bytemark CLI), DNS resolution for *.uk0.bigv.io, control of Bytemark Cloud servers and authentication for console access.

We anticipate that this work should largely be transparent to customers, other than a few very brief periods of a minute or two where the API will be unavailable while we perform a failover between hosts.

We are reliant on some additional network tunnels between our two DCs for the duration of this work but we don't anticipate this being an issue.

Bytemark Cloud servers themselves should be unaffected.

Expected resolution time updated: 20 Apr 2018, 16:08 UTC

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