Maintenance: Tango backup server

Expected resolution: 20 Nov 2018, 13:30 UTC
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Issue status: Resolved Date:

27 Nov 2018
15:44 UTC

Posted by:

Doug Targett

Thanks for your patience! Services are back to normal.

If you've got any residual problems or have any questions, please do get in touch.

Issue status: Scheduled Date:

21 Nov 2018
13:00 UTC

Posted by:

Timothy Frew

We will be performing some scheduled maintenance to the backup server Tango on Wednesday 21st November 2018 at 13:00.

You may be affected by this if you have a backup space associated with this server mounted on your system.

This relates to older dedicated and legacy virtual machines, this does not affect Bytemark Cloud servers.

Expected resolution time updated: 20 Nov 2018, 13:30 UTC

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