Level3 IP transit interruption

Expected resolution: 23 Apr 2015, 13:08 UTC
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Issue status: Resolved Date:

24 Apr 2015
12:27 UTC

Posted by:

Tom Hill

Level3 are continuing their debugging of this event, which included a spontaneous reboot of the router that handled our IP transit. We haven't, however, experience any further instability for 24hrs.

Issue status: Investigating Date:

23 Apr 2015
13:09 UTC

Posted by:

Tom Hill


At approx 13:37 we saw our Level3 (AS3356) IP transit port go down. This port was in Manchester, but is our primary Level3 port for the entire network (so including York). Any customers with traffic that ingresses egresses this port appears to have seen a short interruption of service as a result of this failure.

The IP transit port, and the relevant BGP sessions, have now returned to full service and we've requested a reason for the outage from Level3.

We'll post an update if we receive anything. If you notice any further outages, please do ensure to submit traceroute/mtr output (for both directions if possible) with any support tickets raised.

Our apologies for the interruption - hopefully this will have been an isolated event.


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