BigV Service Outage 20/08/2021 02:20 BST - 20/08/2021 04:37 BST

Expected resolution: 20 Aug 2021, 03:37 UTC
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20 Aug 2021
11:40 UTC

Posted by:

Oliver Dickinson

At 02:20 on 20th August 2021, we received alerts from our monitoring systems of loss of service of our equipment housed at our datacentre in York.

At 03:17 all attempts to diagnose and remotely restore the service had been unsuccessful and one of our engineers set off to the datacentre in York.

At 04:17 upon arriving at the DC, an issue with one of the PDU's was identified.

By 04:35 power had been restored to the affected equipment and an alternative connection to an unaffected PDU arranged to maintain dual feeds.

The affected BigV tail returned to service at 04:37.

We believe the problem is now resolved and are monitoring the situation.

If you think this problem is still impacting your services at Bytemark, please do get in touch.

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