Payment Gateway Change

Expected resolution: 8 Nov 2021, 14:28 UTC
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Issue status: Resolved Date:

15 Jun 2022
15:17 UTC

Posted by:

Sam Smith

Thanks for your patience! Services are back to normal.

If you've got any residual problems or have any questions, please do get in touch.

Issue status: Monitoring Date:

8 Nov 2021
14:35 UTC

Posted by:

Mark Egan-Fuller

Following a review of our current debit and credit card processing arrangements, we’re changing the payment processor we currently use.

This change will allow us to accept payments from an increased list of card types and payment methods that currently we are unable to service, improve fraud detection, speed up processing and ensure we can adapt for the future as the payment technology landscape changes

While the majority of customers should not notice any impact we have noted that on occasion some customer payments might fail as their card issuers require the customer to complete the 3D Secure Authentication process again. Please also note that the company name on your statement will show rather than Bytemark.

If you are experiencing any issues with payment, please do get in touch.

Expected resolution time updated: 8 Nov 2021, 14:28 UTC

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