Issue with BigV Head12 (Manchester Zone)

Expected resolution: 7 Mar 2023, 12:00 UTC
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Issue status: Resolved Date:

7 Mar 2023
09:57 UTC

Posted by:

Mark Hedley

Update: 10:34 am 07/03/2023 - The affected head has been restarted and services should now be resuming, if your Virtual Service is powered off, please power backup via your Panel account and let us know if any issues persist.

You might be affected if your server is hosted in our Manchester Datacentre, our engineers are currently investigating and we will post updates here once we have more information.

We don't think this problem should affect anyone using our York Datacentre.

Sorry about this! We're investigating and working to restore full service as soon as possible. We'll post updates here.

If you're experiencing any problems with your services at Bytemark that you think might be related, please do get in touch via

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