[Planned] [At risk] Repatching York Switch uplinks

Expected resolution: 14 Oct 2015, 17:39 UTC
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Issue status: Resolved Date:

14 Oct 2015
15:58 UTC

Posted by:

Chris Cottam

Everything went smoothly. Works complete

Issue status: Investigating Date:

13 Oct 2015
11:53 UTC

Posted by:

Chris Cottam

On Wednesday 14th, between 10:00 (BST) and 18:00 (BST) , we will be repatching individual switch uplinks in preparation for a future, physical switch relocation.

As all access switches have dual uplinks, we will be repatching those individual links one at a time. This will reduce the resiliency of an individual rack only while it's uplinks are repatched.

As such, this is an only at-risk notification, and should not be service affecting.

We will update this notification before we begin, and again once the at-risk period is over.

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