Emergency maintenance on legacy virtual machines 15 May 2015 0700 UTC+1

Expected resolution: 15 May 2015, 16:07 UTC
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15 May 2015
16:08 UTC

Posted by:

Patrick Cherry

Due to the recent disclosure of a security vulnerability (CVE-2015-3456, aka VENOM), all machines on that platform must be rebooted urgently to apply our patch.

Please reboot your legacy virtual machine as soon as possible to secure your server against exploitation of this vulnerability.

We will begin automatically rebooting any virtual machines that have not been patched from 0700 UTC+1 on Friday 15 May 2015. We anticipate all machines being back on line by 0900 UTC+1 at the latest.

We will only reboot machines that have not been rebooted since 16:00 UTC+1 today (Wednesday 13 May 2015). Therefore, please reboot your machine before Friday morning if you wish to control the reboot yourself.

We're emailing all affected customers as well as posting this on our forum. This does not apply to BigV, which has been successfully patched without customer impact.

Thanks for your patience and your help with patching this serious vulnerability.

Best wishes,


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